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Screening Education

Education Check Through Screening

A new employee needs to meet requirements regarding capacities and skills, and certain functions require specific knowledge and skills. A candidate’s prior education is stated on his resume, so the employer knows the background of a potential employee. In practice, however, it turns out that more than half of the resumes contain twisted truths. People lie about important facts, such as work experience, but also about prior education and degrees or diplomas. As an employer, you would like to trust your new employee. That is why education screening can be reassuring.

Screening of Education Brings Confidence

Hiring a new employee is potentially risky. When the employee does not to prove to be suitable for the function and have the right education, it can be very uncomfortable for the employer. Eventually, an unsuitable employee will cost the organisation time and money. Having the right information about the candidate’s education beforehand can save energy and money. Transparently and purposefully entering a new relation with someone is a comfortable way to start. Screening education can be executed fast and purposeful and is a valuable investment in the future. Screening education ensures that specific data are verified and confirmed. It helps to securely determine whether a potential employee could be a sustainable and suitable addition to your organisation.

Fast and Efficient Online Screening Process

Screening and checking data is time-consuming. CV-OK is the specialist in screening people and organisations. CV-OK works with of a user-friendly and flexible online screening process and can provide personal screening reports for potential employees. During the screening process, privacy law and legislation and security requirements are important factors. All personal data are securely protected and CV-OK makes sure it processes these data discretely. Screening education is recommended to reduce risks for employers and prevent inconvenient financial or other damage. The employer is guaranteed of the reliability and integrity of the (potential) employee. Subsequently, it can be determined which candidates are reliable and honest, and make a positive addition to your organisation.

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