Pre-Employment screening (PES)

What is pre-employment screening (PES)?

Pre-employment screening (PES) involves screening future employees. Determining their integrity and reliability as well as measuring the level of risk are of equal importance.

Pre-employment screening helps employers to avoid risks. Organisations who apply pre-employment screening have 43% more chance to book ‘best-in-class’ results than organisations who do not. Pre-employment screening also helps employers to select candidates with the most potential. The quality of hiring new personnel increases with 7% when performing pre-employment screening. It can also be valuable in the prevention of losses due to theft, injury, drug and/or alcohol abuse, insurance claims, foolishness and carelessly hiring new employees.

Pre-employment screening can be requested because law requires it, or when an organisation deems it necessary. This is often the case when a function includes sensitive elements. Integrity is often checked during pre-employment screening. This human characteristic is closely linked to a conscientious personality and defined as independent, righteous, reliable, loyal, committed, dedicated, accurate, open, clear and honest.

What can be screened via  pre-employment screening?

The following can be screened prior to hiring a candidate:

  • Identity document
  • Credentials / education
  • Work experience
  • Credit rating:
    • Payment behaviour
    • Corporate information
    • Civil rights rulings (Insolvency register)
    • Receivership database
  • (Personal) integrity statement
  • Self-employment check (Declaration of Independent Contractor Status, VAT, COC)
  • Certificate of Good Conduct (CGC)
  • Criminal records in other countries
  • Online profile
  • Politically Exposed Persons (PEP) and sanction lists
  • Sector-specific registrations (e.g. Credit Registration Office, NV
  • Job-specific registers (e.g. BIG, DSI)
  • Custom Check: client-specific requests such as: code of conduct, confidentiality, pay slip, etc.


Pre-employment screening is verifying specific facts of a potential candidate relating to/concerning his/her future function/job position and aims to minimise risks.

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