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Pre-Employment screening (PES)

What is pre-employment screening (PES)?

Pre-employment screening is a hot topic in today's current affairs. Think of aldermen and mayors who leave the books, or employees who appear better than they are. It is no coincidence that pre-employment screening increasingly arouses the interest of both public and private parties.

What is the definition?

Pre-employment screening (pes) concerns the screening of future personnel, in which their integrity is determined (and thus the reliability of the person) and the degree of risk is measured. It concerns the checking and screening of employees before they enter employment with a (new) party.

Why is pre-employment screening (pes) important?

Pre-employment screening helps employers to avoid risks. The statistics make perfect sense. Companies that apply 'pes' are 43% more likely to achieve best-in-class results, in contrast to companies that do not apply pre-employment screenings. A pre-employment screening also helps the employer to select the candidate with the most potential. Pre-employment screenings increase the quality of hiring by 7%. Pre-employment screening can be valuable in combating losses as a consequence of theft, injury, nonsensical, abuse of drugs and alcohol, insurance claims and inattentive hiring of people.

Why apply pre-employment screening (pes)?

Pre-employment screening can take place in case the law requires this, or when a company considers this as necessary. This often occurs when a function contains fragile elements or large responsibilities. Integrity is also tested during a pre-employment check, which partly consists of a CV check. Integrity is a human characteristic that is closely related to a conscientious personality. Integrity is broadly defined as independent, just, trustworthy, loyal, dutiful and committed, careful, open, clear and honest.

What can be screened via pre-employment screening?

The following can be screened prior to hiring a candidate or potential employee:

  • Identification check
  • Credentials / education
  • Working  experience
  • Credit rating:
    • Payment behaviour
    • Corporate information
    • Civil rights rulings (Insolvency register)
    • Receivership database
  • (Personal) integrity statement
  • Self-employment check (Declaration of Independent Contractor Status, VAT, COC)
  • Certificate of Good Conduct (CGC)
  • Criminal records in other countries
  • Online profile
  • Politically Exposed Persons (PEP) and sanction lists
  • Sector-specific registrations (e.g. Credit Registration Office, NV
  • Job-specific registers (e.g. BIG, DSI)
  • Custom Check: client-specific requests such as: code of conduct, confidentiality, pay slip, etc.

Pre-employment screening summarized

In short: pre-employment screening is the checking of certain matters of a potential candidate that relate to his / her future job with the aim of minimizing risk. This way you can be sure that you will bring in the right candidate.

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