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  • General
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    • What is a CV-Check?
      A CV-Check involves verifying  certain aspects of your CV. More information on our CV-Check page.
    • What is the status of my screening.
      You can log in at any time to check your status, when CV-OK is performing your screening. Or you can contact  the Validata Group Service Center.
    • How can I respond to my screening or make a correction?
      You have the right to be heard if you believe the record contains incorrect data. The client ultimately decides which results are of value to the process. Therefore, we advise you not to contact your (future) employer at this stage. You can always add a comment when the record is completed. To do this, please contact the Validata Group Service Center: +31 (0) 88 050 2100.
    • What happens if the record contains inaccuracies?
      CV-OK is requested to verify your data as an independent party. The screening record will show any abnormalities, should these be present. In that case, the client could ask additional questions. CV-OK remains impartial and will never advice a client about the continuation of an application procedure; it is up to him/her to decide.
    • How long does it take to complete a screening?
      From the moment CV-OK has received the correct data from the client and you, it will take approximately 5 working days to complete the screening. Please note that before me can start processing the data, you as a candidate play a crucial role too. We will ask you to log in to a secure environment at CV-OK, and check your data. This online process will take approximately 15 minutes. The sooner you submit your details, the sooner we can get to work.
  • Legal
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    • Does CV-OK have a Privacy Statement?
      Yes, it describes why and how CV-OK processes your personal details. In 2013 our screening process was examined and approved by the Dutch Data Protection Authority (DPA). Next to this, CV-OK also received permission to process data on criminal justice. The processing of personal details by CV-OK is administered at the Dutch DPA: number m1612862. You can read our Privacy Policy here
    • Do I need to grant permission to be screened?
      The Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA) states that your (future) employer has a ‘legitimate interest’ to screen you. This legitimate interest is present in actions concerning standard operations or the daily management of an organisation. An employer should have confidence in the reliability of his future employees.

      Legally speaking, your permission is not required to perform a screening.

    • Why then, do I need to give permission for the screening?
      Like we stated earlier, under certain circumstances your (future) employer or client have the right to screen you without your permission. Yet, CV-OK asks for your permission to execute the screening. Your consent implies that you are informed about the procedure and we need it to verify your data with certain third parties. 

      An example is the verification of your degree/diploma which, in most cases, takes place at Dienst Uitvoering Onderwijs (DUO). With your permission, DUO can confirm the legitimacy of your degree and the years in which you were registered. This procedure saves you time and energy, as you do not have to provide these details. We ask your permission to accurately check your data; a crucial element in a quality screening.
    • Can I refuse to participate in the screening?
      Yes, you can. Prior to the screening, you are informed about its procedure. Our client has a screening policy and has requested the services of CV-OK to make it an easy and pleasant experience. When you do not wish to participate in a screening, you have the right to refuse. In most cases, the consequence of a refusal is not being able to start working for our client. When you consider not taking part in a screening, we advise you to discuss this with your (future) employer. 
    • What happens to my personal data?
      Your data are processed by CV-OK and stored for a period of 5 years after we have completed your screening. The Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA) agrees, as long as we have your permission. Next to the statement of consent, CV-OK has a Privacy Policy describing why and how we processes your personal details and the rights you have in this area.
  • Technical
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    • The following error message will appear ‘An error has occurred while handling the request’.
      This is an error message of the Mendix system. Mendix is the basis on which the CV-OK application was built. Possible solutions are removing internet history, resetting the password and using a different browser.
    • The following error message appears: 'Error when loading url Support/welcomemessage_candidate.mxf:
      Incorrect number of arguments or invalid property mapping.
      This is an error message that occurs when using Internet Explorer 10. We recommend an earlier version of Internet Explorer, Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.
    • The following error message appears ‘Access is denied’.
      This is an error message that appears in certain cases when uploading documents. This error is caused by the browser's security settings. A possible solution is using a different browser. If this does not work, the candidate may e-mail his documents and CV-OK will carry out the upload.
    • The following error message appears: ‘Your screening is filed, but not yet processed.’
      This is an error message that appears in certain cases with the screenings that are submitted in the ABN-AMRO application. The cause of this error is that you have put the text in a number field, for instance in the 'references' tab page.
    • Not all data from my CV is in the system correctly.
      This is not an error but the consequence of non-optimum parsing by TextKernel. In this case the candidate should correct and complete his data himself
    • There is no data from my CV in the system.
      This is an error caused by format of the CV. If a CV consists of an image (for instance, after the paper CV is scanned) it is not parsed properly. The candidate may e-mail his digital CV and CV-OK carries out the upload via Finaps.
    • When I want to click on from the 'education' stage to the next step,
      the system states that I have not validated all education.
      This is an error message stated when there is a blank line above 'education'. When this is removed by the candidate, the next step can be clicked on to.
    • When I want to submit my screening, the system indicates that not all fields have been validated.
      This is an error message that is generally stated when there is a blank line in the education or training course data. When this is removed by the candidate, the screening can generally be submitted.

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