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Certification of (Good) Conduct

A Certificate of Good Conduct (CGC) is a certificate to indicate that previous behaviour does not pose a risk to perform a specific task or hold a certain position in society. Through CV-OK candidates or employees can easily request a CGC, which can be added to the overall screening record.

Image Certificate of Good ConductCertification of Good Conduct

A CGC can be submitted to natural persons (human beings) and to legal entities (companies and organisations). When someone requests a CGC, Dienst Justice checks the criminal record of a natural person or legal entity.
In most cases a CGC is required to get a job. Some sectors even require a CGC by law.

A CGC will be submitted when you have not committed a crime that could be relevant to the specific function.

Would you like us to handle your CGC request?

That is possible through Profile 1: Certificate of Good Conduct (CGC)/Criminal Record in other countries.In this profile, we can digitally prepare your CGC request and support you throughout the process. We can also assist in requesting a Criminal Record outside of The Netherlands.

The costs of a CGC or Criminal Record are passed on to you, the candidate, and should be paid directly to the supplier.

Screening Elements:

  • CGC or Criminal Background Check*

Costs of CGC Request:
€15,00 excl. VAT of 21% (€18,15 including VAT of 21%)

* The request of a CGC, or its foreign equivalent, should be made by the person concerned, at his/her own expense. Therefore, these costs are not included in the abovementioned ‘screening costs per profile’. CV-OK provides the necessary support; preparing the digital request and during further processing of the CGC or its equivalent.

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