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Our organisation

'People represent the face, consciousness and future of an organisation. Therefore, it is important to know who you are dealing with. Validata Group executes and guarantees appropriate screening, so you can make better, sustainable decisions.'

Validata Group is specialised in screening people and organisations. CV-OK, Wonen-OK and Vrijwilliger-OK are part of the Validata Group.

Founded in 2009, CV-OK features an accessible online process to verify relevant personal data in a quick and safe manner. Our substantive knowledge, innovative strength and flexible software encourage us to keep improving our services.

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Our mission

Relieving our clients of the entire process of screening. We achieve this through:
  • Presenting a user-friendly and flexible online screening process
  • Delivering high quality screening records for every potential employee
  • Working fast and in a client-oriented manner, respecting the boundaries of (privacy) laws the client’s (compliance) policy

Our vision

In a general sense, employers are faced with covering potential risks more frequently. Risk management starts with your employees’ quality and integrity. Therefore, the screening of candidates and employees will greatly increase and be outsourced more often.

We are:

CV-OK; market leader in screening candidates and employees. We are part of Validata Group, a young and ambitious organisation, specialised in executing screening services and developing its software. Validata Group helps global organisations take more conscious decisions when they enter new business relations.


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